Android USB Endoscope

The Dictionary’s definition of an Endoscope is a slender, tubular optical instrument used as a viewing system for examining an inner part of the body and, with an attached instrument, for biopsy or surgery. Since I’m not a trained doctor, nor do I have access to expensive medical equipment, the Endoscope we’re talking about here is an optical instrument which I used to peek into non-human, hard to reach places (i.e. inside a stinky drain pipe).

The main reason I got it is because there is a terrible smell coming from the drainage hole of my bath, and I’ve tried flushing / pouring all sorts of harsh chemicals to no avail. Then it occured to me that something might be stuck, so I was looking for a device to peek inside the drain. Here’s a review on the same product on YouTube:

Some of the technical specifications:

  • 480p 7mm camera lens – decent video quality for small tight area, and has little difference to a 720p HD camera in my opinion based on this YouTube Video.
  • 6 LEDs – with adjustable brightness on the camera to illuminate dark areas, especially in a pipe.
  • Waterproof / Weatherproof – especially useful when inspecting wet / damp areas.

The model I got is 1 metre in length, but they also come with a 2 metre and 5 metre models.

The Good

  • It requires no other additional power supply or special equipment other than an Android phone (not supported by iPhone) – just plug it in with the recommended app installed, and you’re ready to view.
  • The device comes with a few accessories that can be attached to the camera head – a hook, a magnet and a 45° angled mirror. They can be useful, but hard to control as the wire is flimsy.

The Bad

  • The recommended app that supports the viewing of the endoscope is terrible – outdated user interface as well as annoying advertisements. I believe there are other apps that support this camera.

The Verdict

I recommend this for anyone who wants to inspect tight places, and own an Android phone (it is only supported on Android). The video quality is decent, but definitely not for someone who is into details (e.g. archaeologist exploring the inside of the great Pyramids).

There’s a WiFi version as well as a 5m long version to meet your needs, if required.


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