iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector [FF]

I used to pay about $14 for a screen protector at a local store and it was already considered a bargain as some might pay upwards of $20. It was until a few drops and a cracked screen protector that I sourced for a cheaper option (still tempered glass – nobody goes back to plastic after you’ve tasted the forbidden fruit of screen protection).

Although I was thankful that the $14 I spent saved me a costly screen replacement, I can’t help but to feel cheated when a $2 screen protector from AliExpress was just as good, if not the same. That’s when I realize local vendors probably stock up from these suppliers (i.e. AliExpress) and sell them at a mark up (just 700%).

So my advice is never again pay a premium for tempered screen protectors, even though you feel that your very expensive phone deserves an equally expensive protector – because they’re the same homogeneous product!

Most of them have the following same specifications:

  • 9H surface hardness, scratch proof
  • 2.5D rounded edge
  • Ultrathin – 0.26mm thickness
  • Anti-fingerprint

It is also standard practice for AliExpress to provide cleaning kits as shown below to ensure that there are no hair / dust caught in between the phone and the screen protector. First, use the alcohol swab (1) to clean the screen, then use the dry microfiber cloth (2) to remove any residue. Finally, place the screen protector on either with or without the guiding stickers, along with the “dust absorber” to pick off any particles on the screen. I usually buy more than one for future replacement or if I screw up somehow placing the screen protector (proud to say it never happened).

Finally, here are the vendors I’ve narrowed down on AliExpress selling the same tempered glass screen protector for various iPhone models. I would say the main difference is the command of English, and of course, the price:

  • GerTong @ $1.71, free shipping (28k orders)
  • Wuangsune @ $1.46 but shipping cost $2.01 (absolutely hate these kind of vendors who entice you with low prices and sneak in the shipping cost which are usually free and overlooked)
  • HCCZ @ $1.85, free shipping (18k orders)
  • Aktimo @ $1.75, free shipping (15k orders)

Note: Number of orders in the brackets above are inclusive of sales of screen protector from other iPhone models.

At AOS, we do our research before purchasing – comparing prices, checking reviews / ratings, ease of buying, etc. and we share our best findings with you. We can’t buy everything, so contact us if you’re interested in any products that you would like us to research on. And if you like our posts, please follow us on our Facebook Page for the latest updates.

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