VR Box – Virtual Reality Glasses

Google cardboard viewers are probably one of the cheapest (and most uncomfortable) ways you can experience Virtual Reality (VR) with a mobile phone on a very basic level, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, there is Oculus and their high end headsets that will teleport you into a different world. So what exactly can we get in the meantime while the VR industry matures with better technology, affordability and content – introducing the VR Box.

If you have no idea what virtual reality is, check out this Wikipedia link. For those who wants to own a VR headset but don’t wish to invest too much (because money don’t grow on trees), read on.

Basically the VR Box is a simple headset that has built-in lenses that are compatible with receiving VR content on your 3.5 to 6 inch mobile phone, as well as providing some sort of cushion and straps for the users to wear comfortably on their heads. So your mobile phone has to be able to support and display VR content as the media provider – one example is to open a YouTube video, go to Options and select “View in Cardboard”.

The screen will split into two similar images – one for each lens / eye. There are some VR videos which are static with a fixed field of view, and some videos which are 360° with the ability to match the direction as your head turns (e.g. Rollercoaster), giving you a very immersed feeling of being in the video. There are also VR games and mobile app which supports 360° view and Bluetooth controls.

The Good

  • It has adjustable lenses which allows you to find the perfect width between your eyes as well as to customize the distance from the phone to your eyes.
  • Compared to the Google cardboard viewers, it allows the user to wear the headset, freeing your hands and have some sort of comfort without spending too much.
  • This seller throws in a Bluetooth controller for gaming or general control – make sense since you can’t touch your phone’s screen anymore.

The Bad

  • The amount of available VR contents for mobile phones are very limited, and even more apparent for mobile games. Check out this link to wearable for some of the best 360 videos.
  • The resolution of the VR video seems grainy since it’s essentially putting your mobile phone to 2 inches from your eyes through the lenses.

The Verdict

I recommend the VR Box for the curious and lazy – that is if you would like to experience some sort of Virtual Reality without investing too much financially, and to lie on the bed watching videos up close without holding your phone.


  • VR Box on AliExpress @ $14.88

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