5 Best Kitchen Gadgets on AliExpress [FF]

There are probably hundreds of gadgets you can find in the kitchen department that performs very specific tasks such as this avocado peeler or this watermelon slicer.

So the following 5 best gadgets were picked for being both interesting (something you don’t see often) as well as of good value (doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket).

Vacuum Sealer

Essentially you put food in the bag (adjustable length as long as the width fits) and with a push of a button, this device sucks out most of the air before heat sealing it. According to my science textbook, bacteria requires air to thrive so the absence of it keeps food fresher.

So if you’re a fan of cooking Sous Vide or keeping your food really fresh, the Tinton Vacuum Sealer is probably your best gadget for the job.

Egg Poacher

How many times have you ruined a perfect breakfast, swirling that pot of boiling water and cracking an egg into it only to find out you’re better off eating cereal?

Well, this egg poacher helps you with that in about a minute with a microwave oven. Just make sure you don’t screw up the Hollandaise sauce or the muffins.

Digital Scale Measuring Spoon

Who needs a bulky weighing scale when you can keep this measuring spoon in the drawer. Comes with different unit of measure like grams and ounces, down to one decimals place.

Highly recommended for people who bake, when precise measurements are required. I’ve tried it on both the Measuring Spoon and an actual weighing scale and they are pretty close, if not the same in terms of accuracy.

Citrus Spray

So instead of squeezing the lemon juice and storing it in a container for cooking or as a condiment, why not directly plug in a spray head made specially for it?

You not only get to save the trouble of juicing the lemon (or other citrus fruit), the Cirtus Spray coats the food evenly with a fine mist and even keeps the juice fresh.

Silicone Food Wrap

This reusable food wrap is best if you consume a lot of cling wrap to either keep your food fresh or just to cover your food.

The stretchiness of the Silicone Food Wrap helps to cling on to bowls and food products easily and can even be turned upside pen or survive a drop. Best of all, it can be reused once it is washed, saving you money.

Bonus: Giant Veggie Cushion

Here’s a bonus if nothing catches your eye – some Giant Veggie Cushions. Please note that although they are non-perishable, they are also inedible.

At AOS, we do our research before purchasing – comparing prices, checking reviews / ratings, ease of buying, etc. and we share our best findings with you. We can’t buy everything, so contact us if you’re interested in any products that you would like us to research on. And if you like our posts, please follow us on our Facebook Page for the latest updates.

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