Candy Grabber – Claw Machine

A carnival or an arcade is incomplete without a claw machine – one of those money guzzling machines which have terribly weak claws and an incredibly low accuracy of catching anything, except your attention and the remote chance of winning a prize. I decided to fix that problem by owning one – check out this quick intro:

As you can see I had lots of fun catching all the little toys that were previously just lying around the house – this machine just made us work much harder for our toys and appreciate them a little more.

Best of all I get to keep all my real money after spending a grand total of $40 on it, which also comes with a bag of plastic coins to activate each game. Then I realized that I have to supply the candies / soft toys inside, as well as the three ‘D’ sized batteries (or USB) to power this bad boy up – which is a small price to pay for the thrill of winning a prize I guess.

As suggested, this claw machine is suitable for kids from ages 3 onward, mainly because the controls are easy and the difficulty is much lower. So instead of having only once chance at catching your prize, each game is by duration (approx. 1 minute) and you can lower the claw to grab as many times as you want within the time limit. Towards the last 15 seconds the music even speed up to warn you that your time is almost up, and a sensor will cheer you on if you do manage to catch the prize and drop it into the exit hole.

I happened to bump into this Crane Game in Toys’r’us, basically the same thing with a slightly fancier design but a huge difference in price tag – twice the price in fact, at $79.99 after discount.

The Good

  • Very well built for its price – ‘x’ and ‘y’ axis control with the third to lower / bring up the claw to train coordination, LED lights and music for a whimsical feel, as well a sensor at the prize exit hole to cut the circuit off when you win a prize.
  • Ability to power the entire machine by USB. You can use a power bank with a micro USB cable instead of the ‘D’ batteries, which saves you more money.
  • Coin activation with the plastic coins provided, removable from the reservoir below – teaches the value of money.

The Bad

  • The amount of time wasted in front of this machine.

The Verdict

Personally I had lots of fun with this machine and every game is different even though the prizes are the same. Definitely a great hit with kids and any parties.


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