Mini Muffin Match Up – Learning Resources

You can argue that the Monopoly board game teaches important life skills such as the value of money and how to backstab family and friends – but if you have a toddler, what can you play with them until the recommended age of 8?

Let’s colour your weekends with the Mini Muffin Match Up – just good fun, counting and sorting with no family feud or drama (also 0 calories).

We started early with our toddler even though the recommended age is 3+. Apart from using it as a board game, it can also develop their fine motor skills by picking the muffins up either with their fingers or with the Squeezy Tweezer. As they grow, you can introduce the sorting / matching of colours and finally some early math for the helicopter parents. With the colours of the rainbow, you can also hide these muffins for your little curious one to find in a game of treasure hunt, so there’s practically no limit to how you can play with them.

Basically from the picture above, you can see what’s included in the box – a whole bunch of muffins which are of pretty good quality and all the other items that allow you to play as a game.

So if muffins are not your thing, we also got the Under the Sea Ocean Counters because our child loves animals. Also brightly coloured, this set comes with 72 animals such as sea lions, whales, sharks, octopuses, etc. with all the good skills that will come with it, marketed by Learning Resources.

Also available: Wild About Animals Jungle Counters, Back in Time Dinosaur Counters and In the Garden Critter Counters.

The Good

  • They are made of brightly colored, high quality plastic that bends without breaking, and feels a lot like rubber.
  • Emphasis on children’s learning where the focus is on early skills such as recognising numbers and colours, counting, sorting, motor skills and it comes with an activity guide to help parents with game ideas.

The Bad

  • The pieces might be a little too small for children younger than 2 years old, at about 1.5cm across each muffin.

The Verdict

I recommend both sets for parents who want to have a fun time with their 2+ years old children at home, at the beach, in the bath or simply entertaining them while eating. The vibrant colours and collectible mini figurines make learning much more fun and enjoyable.


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