Star Wars & Other Metal Puzzles [FF]

Star Wars fans listen up – if you’re looking to assemble a Millennium Falcon or an R2D2 model kit, the force is with you. And if you’re just looking for a cool hobby of assembling mini metal models, don’t worry – I’ve included a ton of other genres below.

Star Wars Metal Puzzles from US $3.

Unlike the plastic Gundum models, these are nano stainless steel models which takes up less space and look a hell lot cooler just because of the material used. Personally I got myself a WW2 Tiger Tank and really enjoyed the one hour spent assembling it, with the help of a pair of tweezers. There’s no need for glue or soldering, just twist the parts out of the mould, bend the perforated metal if required, and use your tweezers to lock the different parts in place. Here’s a video assembling an R2D2:

Here are some other models by various vendors in AliExpress:

Dinosaur Skeleton

One of my personal favorite (who doesn’t like dinosaur?) sold by Auspicious Birds.

Famous Landmarks

Eiffel tower, Empire State Building, Sydney Opera house – you name it. TIKOB seem to specialise in all the famous Landmarks and monuments.

Fairy Tale (colored) – link

Planes link

Tanks link

Ships link

Iron Man (colored) – link

Knight’s Amour (large) – link

Highly recommended for kids above 8 ~ 10 years old with adult supervision as these metal parts may be sharp or too small.

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