Crayola – Amazon

Remember how we’ve always wanted a perfect set of colour pencils, or crayons with all the shades imaginable but your parents got you socks instead?

Here’s your chance to be the favourite parent, encourage creativity, and still have enough money to buy several pairs of socks – Crayola!

If you’re American, you’d probably wonder what’s the big deal with Crayola. But if you’re living in this part of the world where the cost of living is through the roof and everything is expensive, you’d want to know where to get the Ultimate Crayon Collection box of 152 crayons for US$12.29. We basically went crazy when we saw how cheap it was on Amazon and… “future-proofed” ourselves.

Comparison: Washable Finger Paint

Let’s take the Washable Finger Paint as an example – they’re basically the same product, just that one is found in the local Toys’r’us and the other on Amazon. However, there is a huge price difference of SGD $9.70 (approx. 39% discount), if we convert USD $10.99 to SGD $15.20 with an exchange rate of $1 : $1.38.

What about shipping fee, you may ask. If you’ve checked out our shopping guide on 5 Tips to Save Money on Amazon, you’ll know that with orders over $125, you’d enjoy Free Shipping to Singapore (you can see the prints in blue, in the screenshot above). Also, please check out the price tracker for the lowest price available on Amazon.

Still not convinced? Here’s another bunch of Crayola products on the shelf of Toys’r’us – take a minute and compare the prices.

The Good

  1. The price is a lot cheaper if you buy it on Amazon, especially when you are able to get free shipping. If you’re not able to hit $125, simply just wait and accumulate more items or you can pool your shopping cart together with a friend.
  2. There’s a wider variety of Crayola products on Amazon as compared to what local stores actually carry, and some products like the Ultimate Crayon Collection can only be found on Amazon. It also delivers right to your doorstep – very helpful if you tend to over-buy like us.
  3. Crayola manufactures washable paint and markers that are non-toxic, perfect for children to express their creativity without all the mess and worry (especially on the wall).

The Bad

  1. Shipping time may take up to 3 weeks, depending on Amazon’s logistics. However if you’re not in a hurry, this shouldn’t matter.
  2. One important point when shopping on Amazon is that some products doesn’t ship. Make sure you look out for international shipping or shipping that are fulfilled by Amazon, otherwise it will be a logistical nightmare.


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