Top 5 Fidget Cubes & Spinners [FF]

Alright I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of these stuff probably cause I’m old, but it’s sweeping the world and it’s ‘trendy’, which is something I’d like to identify myself with.

Fidget Cube

When the fidget cube first came out on Kickstarter, I thought it was a pretty cool and novel idea – until someone stole the idea and mass produced it at a fraction of the price. It needs no introduction and comes in all kinds of funky designs. Check this one out from Feromey which cost less than $4 and ships for free. It has over 6,000 orders and a 4.6 / 5 rating, pretty reliable.

Fidget Spinner

Two simple steps to keep someone entertained:

  1. Buy fidget spinner
  2. Regret

This toy has a lot of hate from the older generations but that’s what older people do – pick on the younger generation and boast that theirs is much better (same with music, fashion, etc.).

At less than $2, Relaxtoo brings you spinners that are multi-colored, glows, and even fight crime. With an impressive 74,000 orders and a rating of 4.7, I believe there is nothing to lose here.

Additional, funkier designs:

  1. ZXZ
  2. EDC

At AOS, we do our research before purchasing – comparing prices, checking reviews / ratings, ease of buying, etc. and we share our findings with you. We can’t buy everything, so contact us if you’re interested in any products that you would like us to research on. And if you like our posts, please follow us on our Facebook Page for the latest updates.

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