Coayu Robot Vacuum & Mop Cleaner for $200 – Qoo10

Have you recently fired your domestic helper and need a cleaner with no financial issues or even better, feelings? Well look no more because technology has advanced so far that we can own our very own R2-Clean2 for a mere $200!

So you’ve probably seen a lot of these autonomous cleaning robots online or in shops demonstrating it’s cleaning ability (vacuuming, mopping, window cleaning, etc.) and they range from less than $200 to over a thousand dollars, so where do we start? I got the Coayu Cola 800 because I knew I wanted a unit with both vacuum and mop functions due to space constraints of having two robots, has decent cleaning ability (i.e. decent coverage and feels clean) and relatively inexpensive since I would just be trying it out.
The Good

  1. There is some level of automation – you can schedule it to start cleaning at specific time of the day (one timing per day) and the days in a week. Initially I scheduled it to work after 12am but the noise woke everyone up so I scheduled it to clean at 10am after heading out to work but always find it stuck somewhere upon returning. Eventually I scheduled it to start after dinner, when everyone is still awake and able to help. It is also able to dock itself when the battery is running out, however the likelihood of that is low if you don’t robot-proof your house and it will get stuck, somewhere.
  2. I must admit this robot is pretty hardworking and with a battery life of more than an hour, it will roam around bumping into furnitures and sucking up any dirt along it’s haphazard route. So being a not-so-intelligent model with no mapping of the house’s layout, it managed to vacuum a substantial amount of dust and dirt at the end of the day when I clean its ​bin.
  3. This robot comes with a remote control which allows​ you to exercise your micromanaging abilities on an autonomous cleaning robot. It can sometimes be a good thing when you want to direct it to a spot it missed, especially when it has an intelligence of an earthworm.

The Bad

  1. The cleaning coverage is like throwing a die. Sometimes you get lucky and throw a 6, which results in 60% cleaned, or sometimes you throw a 1 and only 10% is cleaned, after getting itself stuck on a floor mat or an uneven ground. The reason for such a low score is because it can never enter my rooms as there are thick carpets / floor mats which it cannot handle and hence I forbid it to enter the rooms with a virtual wall (came with the device to stop the robot from entering certain places).
  2. The lack of an artificial intelligence, which results in the lack of an organized cleaning pattern and getting itself stuck half the time. Even if you place it near the dock and instruct it to go home via the remote control, it sometime gets lost and wander around aimlessly before finally docking – there is no memory of where the dock is, just probably a primitive pair of sensors of sorts with clear line of sight as a guide.
  3. It is Chinese speaking and there is no way to select any other languages​. It will inform you that it is stuck, it is charging, charging is completed, etc. – all in Chinese.

The Verdict

Honestly after trying out, the best way to describe this cleaning robot is “a very hardworking but uncoordinated Chinese cleaner”. It cleans for hours at a time and if you’re lucky that it isn’t stuck somewhere, it will bump around for another 10 minutes and head on home to dock with a few dirty spots it missed earlier.

Do get a slightly more expensive robot like the Xiaomi Mi robot with some brains unless all you wish for is a mediocre cleaner in your very uncomplicated house layout. It comes with an app as seen above, that tracks it’s cleaning route and even map out the layout of the house with the charging station (Photo courtesy of Alvin Tan).

Cost: $188 with free delivery

Delivery: 3 days (locally in Singapore)

Store Review: 4.7 out of 5 (47 reviews)


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