5 Tips to Save Money on Amazon

Everyone knows Amazon and at some point of your life, you bought something from this supermassive online giant. Heck, even the tribes in the Amazon rainforest get their blow darts from Amazon, so there is no need for any introduction. What you don’t know, are tips on how to save while shopping on Amazon:

1. Camel camel camel – no seriously, check out camelcamelcamel.com and enter a product you’re eyeing on Amazon. You will find a pricing graph of the product, over the selected period (e.g. 1 year). This site tracks the price of the product daily and plots them on an easy to read graph with a few other details, such as 3rd party price graph. For the mathematically challenged people, just look at the highest and lowest price, and make sure you get them at the lowest. Alternatively, you can get the camels to alert you via email or Twitter, using their price watch option after you enter the desired price and your email/Twitter account. 

2. Used & New – Well sometimes we can’t afford all the new stuff (or to save some money), you can look to get some pre-loved ones from third parties who advertise on Amazon. Just scroll down a little and you can find a button [See All Buying Options] or [Used & new (10) from $20.00]. The “10” refers to the number of offers available and the “from $20.00” refers to the lowest price available out of the 10 offers. This option is best for items which constantly updates like PlayStation or computer games where there are lots of people who may have owned it and decide to go for a newer version (not really suitable for personal or hygiene stuff like toothbrush).

3. Save on shipping – Like any great MMORPG DPS, you need a great support (more specifically in non-geek terms, logistics) and Amazon’s delivery network is top notch. Many people are joining Amazon Prime for a fee to enjoy unlimited free two-day shipping. So if you need to get a present and have only 3 days left – you’re welcome. Article here also shows that Amazon is actually spending money on delivering stuff to you – shipping cost is more than shipping revenue. Final tip on shipping – some countries enjoy free shipping from Amazon when you spend above a certain amount (e.g. Singapore @ $125), so make sure you check this deal out too.

4. Today’s Deal – If you feel like shopping and you don’t know what to buy, click on Today’s Deal. Not only you get to shop for some cool fascinating stuff, you will get a deal out of it. But wait, there’s more! For the people who live in the fast lane, have the ability to handle stress and make decisions fast, check out Lightning Deal. Lightning Deal offers you great discounts, but you’d have to complete your transaction within the given amount of time. Obviously the given time is not impossible like 5 seconds – it’s not challenging your computer skills or reflexes, but better to be quick before it gets sold out. Boom, click, click, done.

5. Black Friday & Cyber Monday – This really needs no introduction but check out which dates does Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall on and make sure you save up enough, because you’re gonna need it with the number of deals flying all over the place. This is every online shopper’s dream, a time where unicorns exist and cute little puppies frolic in the sun, licking your face playfully and all troubles seem to fade away. Best time to buy a gift for Christmas, or that super expensive Bose headphones that you never seem to be able to pay for. Best holiday ever.

And don’t forget the Rule Book. You’re welcome.

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