Sand Table & Kinetic Sand – Taobao

Ever wanted to build sand castles at home without travelling to the beach? If you’re like me or have kids, who just wants to have some fun with clean sand in the comfort of an air-conditioned room, get a Sand Table with Kinetic Sand.

The Good

  • It is relatively inexpensive at about SGD $24, the price of a pasta at Osteria Mozza or 8 plates of chicken rice.
  • Easy to assemble as seen in the video, without a need for any instructional booklet or Allan key like IKEA.
  • Comes with several toys and moulds which are perfect for water / sand play.

The Bad

  • Requires international shipping via a forwarder such as EZbuy or SGshop that does not state the shipping cost until they receive the product.


  • USD 17.19 for the Sand Table
  • USD 18.20 for 2 kg of Kinetic Sand

Delivery: about 3 weeks with Prime Shipping via Sea, to the door.

Store Review: 4,202 reviews with an average of 4.7 / 5.0 for the product by reliable seller (Level 9 seller with 7,234 points)


  • Sand Table – Taobao (International) or Ezbuy (Singapore Forwarder)
  • Kinetic Sand –Taobao (International) or Ezbuy (Singapore Forwarder)

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